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Chicco Classic Manual Breast Pump
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  • Brand: CHICCO
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  • Product Weight: 1000 grm
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Product description

Chicco Classic Breast Pump comes as a great solution for all lactating mothers who suffer from tremendous pain while breastfeeding their babies. It is known to all that mother’s milk has the optimum level of nutrition that a baby requires soon after birth. Paediatrics are of the opinion that if a baby isn’t breastfed properly, their immunity to fight against diseases isn’t quite good. So in order to provide your baby with the requisite nutrition, buy this breast pump.

This Chicco Classic Breast Pump is made from high quality plastic and rubber which is completely safe for you and your little one. This white-coloured breast pump helps in the easy extraction of milk without causing the mother any pain. It comes with a suction rate control system. This advanced system can help regulate the speed of the pump depending on your requirement. The Chicco pumps for lactating mothers can also be used to feed the baby directly from the feeding bottle. This product comes with a comfortable breast shield which helps to extract the milk properly. All the devices that this breast pump kit provides are made of excellent quality material. The breast shield and the feeding bottle can be easily sterilised and cleaned with the help of hot water and a brush. This breast pump kit for nursing moms is an essential device because due to hormonal imbalances some women face problems during lactation. The safety and quality are guaranteed by Chicco, which is one of the reputed babyproduct manufacturers in the world.

From the Manufacturer

Best Friend of Nursing Mothers

Mother's milk is of utmost importance for the good health of babies. To ensure that your baby gets your milk even if you are not around, this Chicco Classic Breast Pump emerges as your good friend. With its help, you can conveniently express your breast milk and store it so that your baby gets enough nutrition to last through an entire day of activities. The best part about this Chicco pump is the suction rate control system, which lets you decrease or increase the suction of the pump. As it works gently, this device is particularly helpful for those who feel pain while breastfeeding their baby.

Designed for Working Moms

To ensure the safety of baby and mother as well, the Chicco Classic Pump is made of high quality rubber and plastic material. You can be rest assured that the safety standards have been adhered to while developing this device. Its unique technology facilitates extraction of milk in an efficient way. Ergonomically designed, the pump is easy to use, carry and maintain. An added advantage is that it is lightweight and so of great help for mothers while travelling. Simulating the natural suckling action of babies, this breast pump regulates the flow of milk and makes expressing breast milk easier. Simply collect the milk in the attached container and feed it to your baby whenever required.

  • Works on air-pumping mechanism
  • Easy to express and store lactation milk
  • Comes with comfortable breast shield
  • Designed to give a painless experience
  • Safe and hygienic



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