Chicco Toothpaste, Strawberry Flavour for 12m+ Baby, Fluoride-free, Preservative-free,Cavity Protection :: SMILE BABY
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Chicco Toothpaste, Strawberry Flavour for 12m+ Baby, Fluoride-free, Preservative-free,Cavity Protection
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  • Brand: CHICCO
  • Product Code: 110440003206
  • Design No.: 888600
  • Product Weight: 1000 grm
  • Color: STB
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Product description

At the early age of growth, baby’s teeth are very sensitive and can get permanently damaged if not taken care of properly. Chicco Fluoride-free, Preservative-free Toothpaste is especially formulated for babies’ milk teeth to clean and sanitize them but with extra care and protection. The bio-available calcium and xylitol present in toothpaste work to strengthen baby’s teeth and prevent cavities. Low REA protects the tooth enamel from damage and keeps them safe. No preservatives and SLS in the formula make it safe for babies. Chicco offers right flavours for right age of babies for faster adaptation to their taste buds. Baby's taste buds recognize these flavour since early ages as they are given mashed fruits in early days of life.


About this item

Chicco Fluoride-free, Preservative-free Toothpaste gently sanitizes baby’s gum and keeps the teeth clean

Overexposure to fluoride in early growing age of babies can cause dental fluorosis. To prevent that Chicco’s toothpaste is completely fluoride-free for the healthy growth of baby’s teeth

Xylitol present in toothpaste resolves the problem of tooth decay and boosts dental health

Enriched with bio-available calcium to help strengthen baby’s milk teeth

Low REA (Relative enamel abrasivity) level in toothpaste does not hurt the baby’s tooth enamel while brushing, thereby keeping them safe and protected

Right flavour for right age: Babies taste buds recognize the flavour as they are given mashed fruits in early days of life. Therefore, they adapt to the flavour faster

Moreover, SLS-free formula makes it completely safe for babies to use


From the manufacturer

1.Prevent Cavities and Maintain Healthy Teeth:

Xylitol present in toothpaste santise baby’s gums and prevents the formation of dental cavities. Fluoride-free formula makes it safe for babies and result in gently cleaning baby’s teeth, keeping them healthy.


2. Low REA Level to Protect Tooth Enamel:

Formulated with very low REA (Relative Enamel Abrasivity) level, the toothpaste does not harm or damage baby’s ultra-delicate tooth enamel.


3. Support in Strengthening Teeth:

Chicco’s toothpaste is made with bio-available calcium which aids in strengthening teeth for a healthy smile.


4. No Preservatives and No SLS:

Chicco’s toothpaste is made without any preservative and SLS, which makes it safer for babies, as it reduces chances of any irritation in oral mucosa.


Right flavour for right age

Chicco Strawberry toothpaste is suggested to be started from 12m onwards as babies’ taste buds adapt to these flavours faster in that age group. Chicco strawberry toothpaste is an ideal fruit flavour which has very low REA level which does not hurt the babies tooth enamel and also contains bio-available calcium to support the strengthening of baby’s teeth over a period of time. Therefore, it is very important to give babies the right start to oral hygiene because “Only a healthy smile means a happy smile”.










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