Chicco Power Cup Steel (237ml) (18m+) (Blue) :: SMILE BABY

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Chicco Power Cup Steel (237ml) (18m+) (Blue)
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  • Brand: CHICCO
  • Product Code: 110440001474
  • Design No.: 69312
  • Product Weight: 1000 grm
  • Color: BLUE
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  • The Stainless Steel Baby Cup is designed to accompany the toddlers as a perfect companion for drinking indoors and outdoors without creating any mess. The Cups are designed to best suit the needs of your little one. Chicco Stainless Steel Baby Cup is not just easy to carry but has many other advantages. The stainless steel baby cup is designed to maintain the temperature and quality of the drink, keeping it safe for babies for a more extended period without compromising the health of the babies, making it a perfect choice for the health and hygiene of the babies.

Product Features:
1.    High-quality Stainless Steel Cups
2.    Soft Silicone Spill-proof straw
3.    1 Click- Flip-Top opening
4.    BPA Free
5.    Rust-resistant

 High-quality Stainless Steel Cups and Rust-resistant:
The stainless steel baby cup is lightweight, making it easy to carry anywhere. The baby cup also maintains the temperature of the drink for an extended period. As a result, it makes it easier for the parents to prepare drinks for their babies anywhere they go. Thus the baby cup makes perfect for all on the go situations.

 Soft Silicone Spill-proof straw:
The baby cup is the perfect design for babies, preventing overflow of liquid outside the cup while drinking, making it easy for the babies and parents.

1 Click- Flip-Top opening providing easy use for babies:
The Baby cup has a 1 Click- Flip-Top opening. In addition, the door on the top of the baby cup has a single click opening making it easier for the babies to use the cup independently.

The newly designed cover of the stainless steel baby cup prevents spillage. 

Easy to clean:
The stainless steel baby cup has a practical design that allows the parents to have an easy cleaning process. The cleaning process can be done by efficiently removing the cup's lid from the top to ensure that the cup can be scrubbed and rinsed properly. In addition, the entire cup design is effortless to use and can be cleaned and sanitized through simple methods, ensuring that no compromise is being made with the child's health.

BPA Free:
The Chicco Sports Cup is made of BPA Free material for maximum safety & hygiene.

Product description:
The parents need to carry the necessary items of the babies wherever they go to ensure the baby's health and safety. Baby's food and drink are of the utmost importance, and carrying them is difficult. But now, this difficult task is made more accessible with the Chicco Stainless Steel Baby Cup.

Keeps the drink healthy and safe:
The Chicco Stainless Steel Baby Cup is a complete health solution for babies. It is BPA free along with other added advantages. Such as keeping the drink's temperature inside it for an extended period, maintaining complete hygiene of the glass for babies. The protective cover of the cup ensures that no outsider pollutant enters the drink keeping it completely safe for drinking and is also rust-resistant.

Safe for the environment:
The cup is made from stainless steel, which makes it a reusable product. As the product can be used again, it can help in the reduction of wastage and keep the environment clean.

Available in different colour variants:
The Stainless Steel Cup for toddlers makes it easier for babies to intake drinks and parents to feed their babies without creating any clutter. Available in colour variants of blue and pink, suitable for both boys and girls.

Consumer benefit:
Chicco has designed a simple container to carry the drinks for babies in an easy way. 
 The practical and affordable design of the Chicco Stainless Steel Baby Cup makes it a suitable choice for both parents and babies for their day to day usage.
 Its protective cover allows the child to have his drink without spilling it. 
 The soft silicone straw attached to it is easy to use and allows the proper liquid flow without any leakage. The one-click flip opening keeps the drink safe inside the cup. 
The cup's practical design is BPA free and sustainable for a more extended time, and environmentally friendly making it a perfect drinking partner for the child. 
 Chicco's simple yet effective design as a Stainless Steel Cup for toddlers makes it easier for babies to intake drinks comfortably for their proper growth and good health and for parents to feed their babies without creating any clutter around.

Good to know:
The new Chicco cup line helps the baby quickly and naturally drink, step by step during his growth with practical, specific solutions, stimulating him to develop new skills and respect his abilities and preferences.

Chicco cups for babies have been specifically designed, keeping in mind the needs of the young ones across different developmental milestones or age groups. 
All Chicco Cups/baby sippers have been ergonomically designed to help the baby gradually transition from sucking to drinking, stimulating him to develop new skills.
These baby cups from Chicco are available in beautiful decorations, are 100% spill-proof and have detachable comfortable grip handles that makes drinking more accessible and fun.

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