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Mee Mee Mild Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent
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  • Brand: mee mee
  • Product Code: 110440002409
  • Design No.: 1310
  • Product Weight: 1000 grm
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Your baby loves to explore! Whether it is a crawl in the kitchen, the desire to eat on their own, a walk in the park or a mistimed nature’s call, their clothes face a lot. Mee Mee Mild Detergent rescues your baby’s adorable clothes from food, dirt, potty stains and germs. Hypoallergenic formulation and dermatologically tested, it removes the most stubborn stains while keeping your little one’s clothes soft and germ-free.


Key Features

Antibacterial properties keep clothes free from any germs

Specially formulated to remove milk odour, fight poo and other stains

More clothes washed in less detergent and with minimum water. Whitens the whites and brightens the colours

Perfectly balanced Ph level that is gentle on your hands. Phosphorus and Fluorescent-free which increases the shelf life of fabrics

Fresh fragrance to keep your baby’s clothes smelling great even when dried indoors

Enriched with Aloe and Lemon to keep your baby's clothes soft always

Universally compatible with all washing machines or hand wash.

Best Way to Use: 1 scoop of Mee Mee Detergent to 5 litres of warm water washes about 10 of your baby’s clothes. For tough stains, make a strong solution of 1 scoop detergent in 1.5 litres water and soak clothes for 30 minutes. Proceed to wash regularly after that. Wash coloured clothing separately. Check for colour run by dipping a sleeve of the cloth in detergent solution.


With baby in mind, mee mee mild baby laundry detergent is carefully made to the highest safety standards. It is a gentle and hygienic detergent specially formulated to take care of your baby's clothing.




300ML AND 500ML