Similac Plus Infant Formula Stage 1 Up to 6 Months 400 gm Tin (Old Name: Similac IQ+ Stage 1) :: SMILE BABY
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Similac Plus Infant Formula Stage 1 Up to 6 Months 400 gm Tin (Old Name: Similac IQ+ Stage 1)
  • Brand: SIMILAC
  • Product Code: 110440002994
  • Design No.: PLUS
  • Color: STAGE-1
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Product Highlights

  • Spray dried stage 1 infant milk substitute for newborn babies up to 6 months
  • Similac IQ+ contains DHA + Natural Vitamin E, Omega 3, Omega 6, AA, Choline, Iron, Taurine, Iodine, Folic Acid and Zinc that are known to support baby’s brain and eye development
  • Has a fat blend known to support easy digestion and promote calcium absorption
  • Similac iq+ stage 1 powder 400 gm designed to support normal growth and development.

Expert's Advice

Similac IQ+ exclusively uses a form of naturally occurring vitamin E that is predominant form found in mother’s milk.


  • Similac iq+ stage 1 powder 400 gm rich in nutrients that is important for cognitive development, visual acuity.
  • Vitamin E is important antioxidant for protecting cells.
  • DHA and AA are synthesized versions of EFA naturally found in mother’s milk.
  • Reduces intestinal distress makes the baby comfortable and helps in weight gain.
  • Similac plus infant formula stage 1 is rich in neuro nutrients which improve baby’s brain development.
  • Similac plus stage 1 consist of vitamins and minerals which makes bone strong.
  • The essential fatty acids present in this improves baby’s immunity and support in healthy growth and overall development.
  • Similac iq plus stage 1 helps in proper functioning of brain and develops immune response.
  • When your baby is 6 months, try similac iq+ stage 1, specially formulated to meet the needs of growing infants over 6 months.


  • Folic acid – helps in formation and development.
  • Maltodextrin- easily digestible and absorbed.
  • Mineral- immune booster
  • Vitamins- proper growth and development
  • Nucleotides-immuno-modulators that enhances immune response.
  • DHA-brain development.
  • Arachidonic acid AA- cognitive development

Other ingredients

Lactose, skim milk powder,edible vegetable oil, whey protein cocncentrate, corn syrup solids, minerals, vitamins, AA from M.alpina oil, DHA from C cohnil oil, soy lecithin, nucleotides, taurine, milk solids.


  • Development of brain and eyes.
  • Improves immunity
  • Stronger bones.
  • Easy digestion.
  • Overall healthy growth of baby.
  • Increased calcium absorption.

Direction of use

  • Use boiled water (30ml of water) that has been previously boiled for 5 minutes.
  • Allow the water to cool to lukewarm.
  • Mix carefully without touching the portion.
  • Use only the scoop provided with the package and for measurements please follow the similac iq+ infant formula stage 1 feeding table as per the feeds needed or as suggested by your baby’s physician.
  • Measure the right amount of water for the single feed.

Safety information

  • Proper hygiene is important while preparing the infant formula.
  • Storage should be hygienic.
  • Not following the safety precautions may lead to adverse effects on your baby’s health.
  • If you prepare more than one feed it must be refrigerated at proper temperature (350F to 400F (20C to 40C) and use within 24 hours.



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