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Chicco Boppy Pillow with Slipcover Tree of Life (Multicolor)
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  • Brand: CHICCO
  • Product Code: 110440002076
  • Design No.: 7990342
  • Product Weight: 1000 grm
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oduct description

The Boppy nursing pillow is specially designed to meet the needs and ease the difficulties that may arise during breast feeding. It relaxes the tension of the mother's back, neck and shoulders, preventing fatigue and discomfort.

From the manufacturer

Boppy- Special features

Unique Fibre

The internal padding is soft and compact so baby does not sink into the pillow and remains in the correct position. The consistency of the padding guarantees that the pillow will not lose its shape over time.

Ergonomic Shape

The Boppy Pillow has an exclusive ergonomic shape that provides a snug and secure fit for every mum. The Boppy Pillow allows mum to sit upright when feeding without bending over and leaning forward, which can cause painful muscle tension.

Maximum Hygiene

The Boppy Pillow has a removable slipcover. Both the pillow and the slipcovers are machine washable and dryable. It never loses its shape or consistency no matter how many times it is washed.

Exclusive Miracle Middle Insert

This is an exclusive insert that allows the Boppy pillow to adapt to the shape of every mum, without being too tight or losing its original shape.